Section E9 Black Hill employment area

Concept Approval MP 10_0093 for the development of the site was issued by the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure on 19 November 2013 under the provisions of Section 75O and 75P of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. 

Condition 1.8 of that Concept Approval required the preparation of urban design guidelines to guide future development on the land. On 28 June 2018 the Department of Planning, Infrastructure and Environment approved the guideline. This section adopts the guideline as approved. 

Condition 1.10 of that Concept Plan also required the preparation of a Staging Plan inclusive of an updated indicative lot layout. This Staging Plan was considered and approved by Council at an Ordinary Meeting held 29 June 2021.

This section applies to all land within the heavy line marked on Map 1 – Black Hill Employment Lands guidelines. This section applies to all development within the Black Hill Employment Lands requiring development consent. 

  1. To ensure that the Black Hill Employment land is developed in a manner generally consistent with the Concept Approval (MP10_0093) for the site.